• Find out more the people in CHAT and what we do to promote the three As: 

    Awareness of mental illness
    Access to mental health resources
    Assess : A free and confidential mental health check for those between 16 and 30 years old.   

    CHAT Team Photo

    Who will you see at CHAT Hub?  
    Hanisah & Ming Hui, who are based at CHAT Hub, take your calls and read your emails. They recommend resources for help according to your needs and make sure CHAT Hub is a comfortable place for everyone.   

    Hanisah: “I’m dedicated to raising awareness about mental health concerns amongst young people. If there’s anything troubling you, why not come to our humble yet cosy hub for a chat? I can help by suggesting appropriate steps and resources.”   

    Ming Hui: “My main role is giving distressed young people a way to share their concerns, and linking them up with helpful resources. I enjoy spending time with young people who love CHAT Hub as much as I do. If you bump into me, do say hi!”   

    Who is there for the mental health checks? 
    A doctor and a Youth Worker are there for each session. Besides Hanisah and Ming Hui, our Youth Workers include Lorynn, Nisa and Yi Ping
    Tommy: “I help young people to better manage the challenges they face, and I also learn with them in our every encounter. Off work, I am a full-time father, an equally unpredictable and challenging occupation!” 

    Lorynn: “Youth Support Workers (YSW) are young, spirited and witty! :P I lend a listening ear to young people who are facing issues and provide psycho-education on mental illness. I see it as my mission to instill hope in distressed young people.”   

    Nisa: “I started Burst the Silence, a photograph project to de-stigmatise mental health issues and encourage people to seek help. My latest interest is research and I’m working on improving CHAT’s assessment service based on your feedback.”  

    Yi Ping: “I conduct training sessions at tertiary institutions and voluntary welfare organizations. These sessions help young people, caregivers, teachers and counsellors to support young people with mental health concerns. Early intervention ensures good recovery, so let’s work together to promote awareness! ”   

    Who runs the training workshops?  
    Yi Ping, Yee Huei, Suying, Helen, Jagan provide training for young people interested in peer support as well as educators and helping professionals.  

    Suying: “I train young people on mental health and peer befriending. My interest is in creating opportunities for peer connections, and I lead a peer support programme in the Early Psychosis Intervention Programme (EPIP). I also support young people with psychosis and I see myself as their companion on their journey of recovery.”  

    Yee Huei: “I conduct training to let more people know about mental health. Together we can work to create a more supportive journey!”  

    Who will you work with for student projects and outreach activities?
    Lye Yin, Rani and Ying Zhen:
    • Plan and conduct outreach and publicity activities for CHAT
    • Manage CHAT’s presence online and offline

    Lye Yin: “I help with the overall management of CHAT, such as working with schools and other organizations for outreach events, and supporting students for their projects. Thank you to our partners for their unwavering support! More importantly, young people themselves have been active in spreading the word on youth mental health. They look out for friends going through tough times, and support us in so many ways, such as liking our Facebook page, attending our events, and sharing their stories.”

    Rani: “I network and explore ways to collaborate with schools and other community agencies. I also coordinate requests for talks and training sessions, and oversee the logistics involved.”   

    Ying Zhen: “I’ve a passion for working with and for young people. To spread awareness on youth mental health, I’m always thinking of how to make our website and social media more engaging and useful for you. Do give us your feedback! I also find it inspiring to work with students on mental health projects. Get in touch with us if you are keen to make a difference.”   

    Who keeps this website up and running?
    This website would not be here without our website whiz Min Kee. He troubleshoots and provides I.T. support. 
    Min Kee: “I design and update the CHAT website to make it as user-friendly as possible. Whatever problems there may be with the website, I’m here to tackle them!” ;