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    Staying in a Job: Getting Support and Supporting Others

    1 Dec 2017


    Mr Royce Yap
    Royce is a strong advocate of mental wellness, passionate about coaching and supporting others, particularly youths in transition between different stages of their lives.
    For the past 3 years, Royce has had experience working in a fast-paced and high-pressured corporate working environment. He previously worked as a management consultant and currently works for an investment firm.
    Despite pressure from work, Royce maintains his sense of balance and wellness through focusing on key habits and strategies. He is a strong advocate of having a life outside of work. Across the past few years, he has dabbled in yoga, meditation, marathon running and most recently, tango dancing.

    MsNurhuda Syed
    Nurhuda Syed is an editor at and writes career advice articles for students and fresh grads. Together with her team of writers, they speak with graduate employers and partners from local tertiary institutions to gain insights to the corporate landscape.
    Her end goal includes equipping corporate newbies with as much knowledge as possible to ease their transition from campus to corporate and help them find their ideal careers.
    She finds her work rewarding, as she vividly remembers being lost with regards to viable career options post-graduation, and constantly wishing that she had access to a ready resource to help her answer all the 101 questions she had all those years ago.

    Ms Atikah Amalina
    Atikah seeks to inspire others to live a life focusing on purpose, authenticity, and giving back to society. Through her blog and Instagram account which has garnered more than 14,600 followers, she writes the story of the human spirit.

    Consistently finding ways to give back to the world while providing opportunities for others to do so as well, she founded The Rainbow Projects – Rainbows for Batam and the Rainbow Bake Sale – social volunteer projects for young adults that includes charity bake sales and trips to orphanages in Indonesia.

    Recently, she founded Me Too Ladies, a peer support group for minority women with mental health issues. She also actively encourages young women to challenge the narratives of success, serving as the Vice-President of The Codette Project. In addition to that, she is an English and Literature teacher at a local secondary school, where she seeks to inspire her kids to be better humans.