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    Disclosure: Should I Or Should I Not?

    6 Oct 2017
    #Speaker 1
    Abu Bakar Zainee is currently leading the Human Resource & Business Development Unit at Garner International. The organisation is a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants which adheres to the high ethical standard and professionalism expressed in AESC’s Code of Ethics & Professional Practices. Abu also served as a Youth Ambassador (Youth Challenge) between 1998 to 2003 and has the passion and heart to connect with youths and young adults.
    Abu is also a runner, coffee and chocolate “junkie” who has a combination of 10 years of experience in retail, customer service, operations, Human Resources & consulting in both public and private sectors.

    #Speaker 2
    Lui Weijian has an anxiety disorder and currently works at the National Council of Social Service. He has been through a journey of disclosure with his employers, friends and family, finding much freedom and support in the process. He hopes to share his journey of disclosure with other young adults navigating the chasm between university and working life.
    In his free time, Weijian does pro-bono emceeing for charities in the mental health and caregiving space. He hopes to be a mental health advocate, tearing down the stigma faced by persons with mental health issues in Singapore.