Talks & Workshops

  • Talks & Workshops 

    Keen to improve your mental health literacy, or acquire practical skills to support young people in distress? Get trained by mental health professionals who have extensive experience working with youths.

    CHAT provides talks and workshops for youths and young working adults, as well as professionals working with young people. This includes school and community counsellors, youth workers, social workers, and mental health workers.

    To find out more, click here for our brochure or email Ms Rani: 

  • Talks
    CHAT offers talks for audiences above 16 years old. The minimum group size is 30.

  •  +CHAT Talk CT1: Youth Mental Health I (1 hour)   

    This introductory talk provides a fundamental understanding of common mental health disorders affecting young people 

    +CHAT Talk CT2: Youth Mental Health II (1 hour)   

    Pre-requisite: CHAT Talk CT1 “Youth Mental Health”
    This talk builds on CT1 so that participants can acquire practical knowledge on how to look out for a friend in distress. You will also learn how to care for your own mental health.

    +CHAT Talk CT3: Get Involved with Youth Mental Health (30 min)     

    Get an overview of CHAT’s services and learn to make a positive difference in the mental health scene
  • Workshops
    CHAT offers five workshops for in-depth learning on various topics. Workshop charges depend on group size. To find out more, contact Ms Rani (6389 3878 /

  • +CHAT Workshop CW1: Young People & Mental Health (7 hours)   

    Target Audience: Anyone who has contact with young people in an educational or community setting.
    Understand the factors that make young people vulnerable to mental health problems. Learn to recognize the signs of distress, and how and when to refer them to appropriate mental health services.

    +CHAT Workshop CW2: Supporting Distressed Young People with Mental Health Concerns (7 hours)     

    Target Audience: Professionals in an educational or community setting with at least one year of experience / Those who have completed CHAT Workshop CW1 “Young People & Mental Health”.
    Acquire the skills to engage young people with different levels of distress, and learn how to encourage them to seek timely support from suitable mental health services.

    +CHAT Workshop CW3: Tools & Skills for Supporting Distressed Young People with Mental Health Concerns (14 hours)   

    Target Audience: Social service professionals who have at least one year’s experience of supporting people with mental health concerns or disorders.
    Acquire the skills to engage young people for early mental health treatment, and also to manage their recovery, and support them in the process. Sign up at the Social Service Institute website.

    +CHAT Workshop CW4: Psychosis (7 hours)     

    Target Audience: Professionals in an educational or community setting.
    Recognize the early warning signs and learn how to identify an individual with early psychosis, as well as the barriers in seeking treatment. The workshop will also cover ways to motivate caregivers and/or students to seek help, and treatment options.
    +CHAT Workshop CW5: Lifting Minds, Empowering Lives (7 hours)   

    Target Audience: Young people
    Ideal for youths interested in peer support, this workshop provides a sound understanding of youth mental health concerns and knowledge about where and when to seek professional support. You will also acquire the skills to support a friend in distress, and learn various ways of self-care.