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Accessing CHAT Services

  • Accessing CHAT Services

    Anyone can refer to CHAT when they are worried about a young person in distress or experiencing mental health issues. CHAT regularly receives referrals from schools, youth workers, family members, friends and sometimes even the young person themselves.

    All new referrals to CHAT are screened by Information Officers. From here, it is decided if CHAT will provide the mental health assessment, or if other agencies may be contacted to offer support to the young person.

    If a CHAT assessment is provided, the young person will be given recommendations about how to manage/treat their distress or mental health issues. Referrals will be made to the appropriate support services for the young person.

  • CHAT Contact details

    Tel: 6493 6500/01
    Fax: 6820 7190
    Address: *SCAPE
    2 Orchard Link #05-05
    Singapore 237978