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CHAT Assessment

  • CHAT Assessment

    If CHAT assessment is offered, our CHAT assessment team will meet the young person at one or two scheduled appointments in CHAT Hub to work out the difficulties that the young person is experiencing and decide on the most appropriate treatment recommendations for the young person.

    CHAT understands that not everyone with mental health problems has an illness. Other issues like stress, relationships, and other emotional difficulties, can affect the way young people feel. The CHAT assessment is a process to differentiate these issues. It can be very helpful if the young person is comfortable for family members to be present in the CHAT assessment.

    A comprehensive CHAT assessment will be looking for information such as,

    • The main problem experienced by the young person, and its impact on the young person’s daily activities
    • Important events that happened recently and in the past
    • Previous contacts with doctors, psychiatrists, and other helping professionals
    • Past and current medical history
    • Level of risk to self and/or others
    • Current state of mind
    • Coping resources to deal with problem before the CHAT assessment
  • CHAT Contact details

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    Fax: 6820 7190
    Address: *SCAPE
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