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CHAT Intake

  • Intake

    CHAT Information Officers screen all referrals for CHAT assessment. The role of screening is to gather comprehensive information about the reason for the referral and to then speak with the referring person, and where possible, the young person, the various help options available.

    Questions asked during screening serve to help us understand the following:

    • Youth’s demographics (e.g., Name, Date of Birth, Next of kin)
    • Does the young person, their family or guardian know about the referral? If not, why? If they know about it, how do they feel about it?
    • Nature of problem encountered by the youth
    • Changes noted in the youth (e.g., physical, emotional, psychological, and/or behavioral)
    • Risk level to self and/or others (e.g., thoughts, plans, intent)
    • Previous contact with mental health service
    • Family history
    • Drug use
    • Offending behavior
    • Support system
    • Main reason(s) for the current referral to CHAT (i.e., why now?)

    To understand the deterioration in the referred young person’s mental health, our CHAT Information Officers may also ask questions on the duration, frequency and intensity of the changes noted in the youth, as well as the impact that the changes have on the young person’s daily functioning at home, school and/or work.

    If you wish to make a CHAT referral now or know more about the CHAT Intake process, you may speak with one of our CHAT Information Officers at 64936500 / 01.

  • CHAT Contact details

    Tel: 6493 6500/01
    Fax: 6820 7190
    Address: *SCAPE
    2 Orchard Link #05-05
    Singapore 237978