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Impression & Treatment Recommendations

  • Impression and Treatment Recommendations

    Mental and emotional illnesses can only be recognized by the changes in the way people think, feel and behave, unlike physical illnesses that can be identified with the help of blood tests and X-rays. With the early contact and information gathered from the young person, the CHAT assessment team might be able to give a name – or perhaps several names – to the young person’s problems.

    This ‘impression’ is a useful short-hand way of describing the illness or other problems, but making an exact diagnosis can be very difficult and might take some time. Even when an exact diagnosis can be given, this diagnosis may change over time, so a young person’s mental health will require regular review.

    Based on the “impression” formed from the CHAT assessment, the young person will be given recommendations about how to manage or treat their distress or mental health issues. Direct referrals will be made to the appropriate support services for the young person.

    When the young person also requires clinical intervention with a local restructured hospital, CHAT will further support the young person with a CHAT subsidized referral letter that will enable the young person to receive treatment from local restructured hospitals at subsidized costs.

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