Reflection 2020
    2020 was a hard year for most of us. Some of us might wish that 2020 will end soon and are looking forward to a new year. 2020 might be a year full of changes in life, which we call transitions. These changes can be where once interaction with one another was something easy to do, whereas now we are encouraged to distance from our friends, our relatives, and colleagues for both parties’ mutual safety.

    Changes in life does not stop at 2020. Even as this pandemic goes on, transitions in our lives are still occurring. For some, 2021 might signify change from one school phase to another, move on to being independent and #adulting, or just weathering our own storms that are invisible to others. We would like to hear all your stories! If you are a young person aged 16-30, share with us your #phasingit stories that you have experienced in 2020. 12 stories would be picked to be featured on our social media. If your story is featured, you would also walk away with $30 CapitaLand Vouchers! 

    How do you participate in this sharing? 

    1. Think about one transition or a change in life that you had undergone in 2020 that was challenging and has impacted you deeply. What would be one word that could describe it? 
    2. Fill up your details and the questions on 

    Stories picked for this sharing are random. Here at CHAT, we value all stories, all of which are very invaluable, real and should not be dismissed. While we would like to feature all stories, please note that we would also like to moderate content being posted on our social media. 

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